Personal Branding – Old school style

Even before the internet, or personal websites, or possibly even before your “fingers did the walking” in the Yellow Pages (these were REAL pages, kids!) to find someone to sell our house, or where to buy a car, or why we should go to Rough Draft instead of Starbucks for our coffee, personal branding images existed.

James T. Ransom, above, was a realtor with some standing in his community back in 1944. He knew everyone in town, and he knew everything about their homes. Look at the book he keeps on his desk! Notes of transactions, buyers and sellers. He’s SERIOUS about his work. Yeah, he’s a little impatient with the photographer of this photo, because he has work to do and time’s awasting.

I don’t know how JT used this photo, but I think it’s a great example of personal branding photography we need for our businesses today. Back in 1944, a businessman like him, with a lifetime of experience, was trusted and sought after. Even though he’s not smiling, there’s an instant connection with this old school real estate agent, who has a story to tell and a ton of experience.

Today, real estate agents continue to connect with prospective buyers and sellers through personal branding imagery. People are buying homes from reputable agents of course. But they want a sneak peek as to who that agent is, and have a sense that the agent is someone they can work with.

Mary Kaley, of Baird and Warner in Orland Park, IL, knew she needed an image or two of herself for her website and marketing materials that was not JUST a headshot. An image that enabled people to instantly relate to and imagine themselves working with her.

mary kaley
My favorite realtor, Mary Kaley, works hard for her buyers and sellers! And always with a smile.

Selling or buying, contact Mary.

Building a business, contact me!

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