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About Me

I am Karen Forsythe, a headshot and personal branding photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I create images of people doing business and the work they do that get them noticed.

I am a creative perfectionist. Those two qualities are great, but they sometimes fight each other, because the creative side of me wants to try new things and do things differently, but the perfectionist side of me wants everything to work out right the first time. I think in the end, both aspects show up in my work, and my clients benefit!

My favorite clients are people who think they aren’t photogenic. It can be intimidating to folks who see amazing images of gorgeous people all over the internet and come to see those looks as a standard to achieve. They are used to selfies, or phone pictures or even fairly executed pictures that just don’t do them justice.

Women, of all ages and all sizes deserve to be photographed in a way that reminds them they are beautiful. I believe every woman should have a beautiful headshot or portrait of themselves. Most women don’t even realize how beautiful they can be, and I love to show them that! For women who never dreamed of themselves as beautiful, this can be life changing.

I want you to look great, but I want you to look like you. Life forces us to a point where we do have to accept ourselves knowing we will never be as young as we once were or as thin as we would like, but in spite of what time or genetics does to us, we still have value, and are created uniquely and beautifully by God. I want to show that.

There is so much that’s beautiful in the world, in a person, a family, an expression, in light, that I love to do what I can to record it. I don’t paint, but this is the next best thing to being that kind of artist.

I love fish tacos and hydrangeas, my dog Maisie, my husband (not in that order!) and gardening. My husband and I actually love gardening together. He calls me the foreman and designer, and says he does the heavy work. Really though, that’s not exactly true, because I will readily tackle any transplanting that needs to be done, even if it kills me, which a huge lilac bush almost did recently and put me in the ER! I love photographing flowers, really close up. For relaxation, we love reading and spending quiet days and evenings with a good bottle of wine in Door County, Wisconsin.

Little makes me happier than surprising people with a headshot that is them, that looks fabulous, and that makes them proud. Your business headshot, personal headshot, or actor headshot is so important as an introduction to your audience, and I want your new headshot to be one that works for you. Wondering where to get great headshots that stand above the rest you see on the web? Look no further!