The Making of a Headshot

the making of a headshot

Headshots are so important to an actor (or anyone who has a presence on the web), and I really like to take time to work with the actor to get the right light, expression, and pose.  The background to me is incidental, though I realize the background also has to be just right, and in […]

Update that college headshot, please!


A lot of college students have the option their senior year to get a “professional” headshot to help them land that job upon graduation. I suppose new hires, or those looking to get hired, have limited expectations as to what makes a great headshot, but there really ARE limits to what is good.   Scanned […]

Photographing Women of a Certain Age

I’m one of them too, a woman of a certain age, and I’ll be happy to tell you what it is when we talk.  No shame in this! Our kids are older, maybe even grown…and our faces show it.  But our photographs don’t have to show every line, do they?  Joe McNally, in his book […]

Personal Branding – Old school style

Even before the internet, or personal websites, or possibly even before your “fingers did the walking” in the Yellow Pages (these were REAL pages, kids!) to find someone to sell our house, or where to buy a car, or why we should go to Rough Draft instead of Starbucks for our coffee, personal branding images […]

Making the Connection

William told me a portrait of himself was on his “bucket list.”  Now that’s so neat!  Personal branding photos are so versatile; they can be used for business and for pleasure. So we discussed his ideas, planned out the shoot, used several of the  different outfits he brought, and i created a few lighting/background setups, […]

Personal Branding for Doctors — Homewood-Flossmoor Commercial Photographer

doctor photography

In the old days, doctors didn’t have to market themselves.  Referrals from other doctors, hospitals, insurance plans kept them plenty busy, and their “image” was not nearly as important as just providing good care.  Nowadays, smart doctors know that people find services and service providers through the web, and their web presence now matters.  A […]

Headshots bring you out from behind your computer, and down the wedding aisle


One aspect I truly enjoy in my work is creating beautiful images of people that they love.  Cindy is one such person.  She called me in September, a writer needing a professional portrait for her (then) website called the Wicked Pen.  We finally met in October, when she came to my home studio.  It can […]

Tis the season to thank your clients! Custom Business Staff Photos in Chicagoland


I’ve been photographing my dentist, Nick Videka, and his staff for years, and we’ve made lots of holiday greeting cards (above) together, which have wowed his patients when they get them.  Some patients keep them for the whole year, because they consider Videka Dental not just their dentist but, well, friends! Well now, here is another version […]

Your Business is Your Team. Make Your Staff Photo Show That!

your business is your team

Getting your staff together for a great professional group shot can be challenging, and making that photograph tell your client base what your business is about from that image is important.  I remember taking my daughter to her orthodontist, where prominently displayed as every patient entered was a photograph of the entire staff.  It was […]