Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the special sauce for websites that gives your business a unique flavor and style.  Personal Branding is the next step after a great headshot to show who you are to your clients, and give them a sense of your personality and how you are to work with.  Personal Branding is a cross between Business and Lifestyle imagery that take you beyond what headshots alone can tell people about you. Your personal brand is not just how you work, but how you live life!  Personal Branding is a magical mix of all photography genres, intended to take you beyond what a headshot can.  Your personal brand is how people think of you when your not working, that intangible quality that draws people to you.  Many professionals can benefit from personal branding, especially when it is important having others relate to you in such a way that they see your authenticity and approachability.
Are you an author? A blogger? An artist? Own a business? Personal branding can help you by showing people something about you words might not.