Headshots for Many People and Group Photos

When Your Group Needs Headshots

When your group or team need individual professional headshots, there are a couple ways we can go about it.  First, you could come to me.  Obviously that’s easiest when you aren’t far from my studio in Homewood, IL.  The benefits to you include the following:

1. I provide a custom link by which each person can schedule him/herself, make changes, communicate directly with me and vice versa.  Normally I will set aside one or two days of my studio time and leave it set up for your group to ensure consistency.

2. You don’t have to find a space in your office or move furniture, or move someone out of their office for the duration of the photo shoot.  I’ve found that conference rooms are usually the best location, IF there isn’t a huge table that is limiting my portable studio setup.

3. No one has to wrangle people into the short sessions we would do at your office, thus freeing up time of your contact person/coordinator.

4. No travel/location fee.

Second, I could come to you.  The upside to me coming to you would be that your team members spend less time coming to me and returning to work.

When Your Company Needs Group Shots

When you have a group you’d like photographed, there are few ways to go about that. 

1.  Typical Group Shot of everyone at the same time in a space that will accommodate them, and lighting if needed. The space under consideration, whether inside or out should be free from clutter and allow enough space for me to photograph everyone without using a wide angle lens ideally, so as not to distort the people on the ends.

2. Modified Composite:  I photograph 2-3 people at a time, and create a composite of everyone in one grouping.

3. Custom Composite:  I photograph each person and create a composite of everyone, giving you the advantage of swapping out people or adding people, when people come and go.

Group Composites

Top: Composite made from individuals.  Each person photographed separately.  Bottom:  Composite made from groups of 1-2 people.

Unconventional Group Photo _ Karen Forsythe Photography

An unconventional group photo of Aspen Group, a design/build firm specializing in churches.

Group photos

Classic group photos work best in places free from clutter, when there is plenty of room to photograph everyone without distortion, which can happen in spaces where the photographer is fairly close to the subjects and is using a wide angle lens. 

 Benjamin F. Edwards’ Cunningham-Gregory-Hoppe Group. 

Contact Me

Having your group photographed need not be an ordeal, but it certainly takes some forethought.  I am happy to help you figure out your options, and work with you in your budget to get the best possible outcome and great images for your website!  Contact me to arrange a phone call to discuss your plans and how I can help!

Karen Forsythe