Making the Connection

William told me a portrait of himself was on his “bucket list.”  Now that’s so neat!  Personal branding photos are so versatile; they can be used for business and for pleasure.

So we discussed his ideas, planned out the shoot, used several of the  different outfits he brought, and i created a few lighting/background setups, several in fact, since he was such a good sport and was patient and really enjoying the experience.

William is a dance teacher, who has his own studio, and we met a year ago when I was doing some photographs for another studio.  I always have music playing for my photoshoots, to compensate for the times I’m thinking.  I try to keep people comfortable by talking and getting to know them, but sometimes I have to think and evaluate what I’ve got.

William was absolutely wonderful, and at one time, got to dancing to the music I was playing.  I like to get a range of images for sessions like these, that are portraits, and not simply a headshot.  I wanted something compelling, and interesting, that showed something of William that isn’t readily apparent at first.  Something about connection and character.  This is one of the images we made.  We made the connection, and for William, his personal branding portrait is something of history now.  For me, it’s art.

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