your business is your team

Your Business is Your Team. Make Your Staff Photo Show That!

Getting your staff together for a great professional group shot can be challenging, and making that photograph tell your client base what your business is about from that image is important.  I remember taking my daughter to her orthodontist, where prominently displayed as every patient entered was a photograph of the entire staff.  It was a typical staff photo taken outside of a restaurant where presumably they had had some staff event.  You know what I’m talking about–2 rows of people, some of whom are hidden behind others, wind blowing, and the best part was that one person who was really tall had the top of the restaurant’s outdoor fountain positioned right behind his head.  There were a couple of branching elements of the fountain at the top and, you guessed it, it looked like antlers.  This was not what they intended!

Although an orthodontist’s office typical is geared toward young people, this is probably not what they had in mind in showing how pleasant they are to their patients.  I smiled every time I saw this though, so who knows?

Videka Dental has been in my town for many years, and has a reputation for professional, but very friendly care.  When the team asked me to take their staff photo, this is what I envisioned.  Take some time to plan your staff photo, as it is something potential clients might see first when they check out your website!

your business is your team

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