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Process and Pricing

My service to you and our session doesn't only include the photoshoot itself.  Before it even begins, before we even meet, we will discuss how to choose clothing you wear and how you might use your images.  

What to Expect

Know the Process and Plan for the BEST Outcome

Before we meet on the day of the session, first, we’ll review the uses you have in mind for your headshot or personal branding images, and where your images will appear.  Do you need a certain look? Background?  Does your headshot need to match a corporate style?  

On the day of the session,  I’ll look over the clothing you’ve brought to plan how to use your favorite outfits.  I’ll photograph you in as many outfits as you want and take as much time as you need. If the background isn’t dictated to you by your corporate identity, then we can try a couple different styles, so you can see how you look in them, and maximize your options.  

While we are shooting, you and I can see exactly what we are getting, because each image is captured and displayed on a large screen for previewing!  You’ll be confident that you will end up with images you love.

We’ll create many images during the time we spend together–sometimes so many images that it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose!  So before our time together is over, we will review the images together over a soft drink, coffee, tea (or glass of wine if it’s that time of day), and I’ll help you decide on which are the best/strongest images for all your purposes.  You always make the final decisions, and you’ll be confident you have what you need. This is part of my process with every client.  I don’t want you to leave before you know you’ve got what you came for.  Allow plenty of time for the process when you schedule your appointment.

Once you’ve made your decisions, we’ll say goodbye, and I will edit and/or retouch the images as you want, in several sizes, so you’ll be able to use them on your website, in print marketing, LinkedIn…any and every way you can maximize their use.  Then I’ll send you a link to download your digital images. 

Headshot Images are priced separately from the session @$89 each for 1-4 images, $79 each for 5-9 images or $69 each for 10+ images.

Personal Branding Images (1/2-Full-length) @ $99 each.

All images you choose include retouching, and/or polishing. All images are delivered electronically, sized for LinkedIn (when appropriate), websites and print.  For every 5 you purchase, get one free!

Because I am trying to keep my own hard drive in good shape with only images clients have purchased, I do not keep any images you do not choose.  Your decision on the day of the shoot on which images you want to keep is what determines which images I keep. The images you choose and I edit will be available for you to download for about a month, after which I do not guarantee they will still be available.  All hard drives can fail!  So it’s important that you back up your own images for your future use.  Thanks for understanding!

Get the images you want and love on the day of your session.  

Are you already a client of mine? Have I photographed you before? If so, take 25% off your next “Session in my Studio” for your updated headshot.  Discount applies to session only.

Headshots that are relaxed, authentic, YOU

Whatever you need them for and whatever your style, I want the process to be easy, fun and above all, get you images you are proud of.

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