3 Simple Steps to the BEST Professional Headshot

So you need a professional headshot for your business.  Great!  Realizing a selfie from your phone or a cropped out image of you from your cousin’s wedding isn’t going to cut it is your FIRST good step!  SECOND, you have to decide, what do I want? How do I want to look?  Generally for the […]

What Does a 4 Layer Cake Have To Do with Photography?

4 layer cake

In a word, everything.  To me at least, and probably to you too.  Because if you are like me, your family is very important to you, and your family celebrates the traditions, holidays and people that makeup your family’s culture.  And what’s any family’s culture without cake to commemorate some pretty key events? When my 4th daughter was […]

Tips For a Great Headshot. Part 2

A couple of days ago, we covered the first 5 Tips for a great headshot, which focused on clothing, even though you see just a little of it in a headshot.  Today we continue. 6.  Iron your clothes!  Wrinkles are visible and do matter.  They say something about you that you’d prefer people didn’t know. 7. […]

Tips for a great headshot, Part 1

Headshot - Black and White

Headshots are absolutely NOT just for actors.   Everyone who has ANY  presence on the web, either in a social media site, or on their own website, has got to have a headshot.  It’s your first impression, and even if you aren’t a model, you can make yours a great one.  Here are some tips a […]

Published! Professional portraits and book covers: South Suburban Chicago

kara davis

As a photographer, it’s always a pleasure to create images of people that they love, but it is really fun to see them used on the web and in publications  marketed to the general public. A couple of months ago, Dr. Kara Davis came to me because she needed a photograph of herself for an […]

Miss You Mom


My mom passed away on September 24.  She fought a hard battle with pulmonary fibrosis, faithfully administering breathing treatments, exercising as much as she could manage, following doctors’ orders to a “T”.  She was on home oxygen for about two years, which didn’t hold her back initially;  but as her needs for oxygen increased, she […]

Making the Most of the Harvest

bb pickles

What do you do when you have just too many cucumbers, all ripening fast on a vine? The answer should be obvious…pickle them! When I was a kid, my family would travel to my grandparent’s house in Grand Rapids, MI…my dad’s boyhood home actually. My grandmother, Nana, was an expert cook…we looked forward to checking […]

Preparing for your headshot session!

katie becca

Preparing for your Headshot Session CAN be enjoyable and successful! Here are some preliminary steps to take: Let’s talk about what you are looking for, how you want to use your images, what the possibilities are. When preparing for your headshot session, as far as clothing is concerned, wear what you look good in and […]

Marketplace Chaplains need a great look for the great work they do!

Recently I was asked to photograph the Northern Illinois contingent of Marketplace Chaplains, a faith-based group of men and women trained to provide pastoral care to people who work in businesses, as an addition source of support to traditional Human Resource duties. This is what a Marketplace Chaplain does, according to their website: Our professional chaplains are […]

Designing the Look of YOUR Headshot

Actor's Headshots by Karen Forsythe

Mix color, background, lighting, expression, clothing, makeup and hair in a multitude of ways Whether your look is clean and polished, fun and relaxed, thoughtful or down-to-earth, your image is enhanced by the design.  Whether we make your headshot indoors or outdoors, the background won’t dominate your face and expression.  Simple, blurred backgrounds, great lighting, […]