Hunger Games Fever: Studio Photography

the hunger games

It’s a race around my house regarding The Hunger Games, the first story in the series written by Suzanne Collins which will be shown as a movie opening on March 23rd.  Most everyone here is reading one of the books, or has read the books, and are talking about them.  I have to leave the room […]

Creative Interpretation – A Photographer’s Dream

creative interpretation

I took this picture when my family visited Williamsburg last year…I love Williamsburg because of the way the interpreters dress the part of the early colonists, and act the part no matter what you do to try to get them to interact with you otherwise!  I photographed them all.  A few years ago, the actors/interpreters […]

Headshots for Social Services

headshots for social services

Nowadays, with the economy such that it is, life is hard for many people…and social service agencies like Bethany Christian Services are working hard to meet the needs of young women in crisis pregnancies, families (Bethany has an incredible Safe Families program!), and children.  Bethany is a leader in international adoption, and a prototype for […]

Annual Report Photography

annual report photography

Big businesses have investors, and investors want to know how the company is doing. Annual reports are used to keep investors up to date with what the company is doing, where they are succeeding, and who is making them more profitable. I have photographed people at Fuchs Lubricants Co, which is based in Germany but has offices […]

Dessert Professional

julia usher blog

This is an exciting day, because I just found out that an image I took of Julia Usher’s cookies made the cover of Dessert Professional magazine! Julia recently published a book entitled Cookie Swap, which is in its 3rd printing already. I also photographed Julia in her home for her website : Recipes for a Sweet Life. […]

Making A Moment Even Better Than It Was

making a moment blog

I love the art and technology of photography.  I’ve done some work in the film darkroom, just as digital was outpacing film.  A teacher of mine who has been shooting for decades always told me that he loved the quiet of the darkroom, the sounds of the water, the darkness.  And I must say I […]