My 3 great finds at the Homewood Farmer’s Market

Can I get a YAY for the opening of farmer’s market season?  I just love them, and my town has been working to expand the offerings there to include things like flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, kettle corn, cheeses, and more, in addition to farm-grown fruit and veggies, and plants.  Today I met my friend […]

Musing about the garden and photography

Wayside Flowers

I’ve been chafing at the bit to get into my yard.  We moved into our house almost two years ago, and the back yard was just an empty wasteland. Literally, in some ways; because as we’ve learned, at one time our town’s early inhabitants did use it, and I suppose adjacent properties, to toss building materials […]

Oh, the things that hold us back…

We all start of with the greatest of intentions when it comes to running our business, because there is SO.MUCH.TO.DO.  There are those photographs we plan to take for example…we know we need a LinkedIN photo, but we also need something more casual for our blog, for our website.  We might have a family owned […]

Off the beaten path

cinematic headshot

I spent a week in Michigan, and even with cool weather, just never can get enough of the wind and waves.  And sunsets.  This image is from one of our sunset-runs.  I wanted to make a sunset photo that was different from what you see everywhere else, by practically eliminating the sky and putting the bit of […]

Greening Up!

greening up

Today I thought I would feature a couple of images that made me happy….because not only do we begin Daylight Savings Time here in Chicagoland, but there is actually signs of spring!  This image is posted as one of the images I’ve added to my One-a-day challenge, which hasn’t quite lived up to it’s name.  […]