Headshots of your clients show what you do!

Creating wall-worthy marketing materials with Corporate Photography Personal and unique photography might just be what your business is waiting for!  Corporate photography can capture the essence of your business, and provide a subject that is not only helpful for marketing, but just might be wall-worthy! Several years ago, I had the pleasure of doing with […]

What I do


What I do is make great photographs of people, in all sorts of ways. Whether someone needs a simple headshot or a spectacular photograph of them doing what they do best, I consider every single project a unique challenge. In every situation, though, I want to deliver to you what you need and love.   […]

More than a meal

more than a meal

Branding your business with photography Nowadays, when we go out for a burger, or pizza, or spaghetti, or anything our heart desires to eat or drink, we choose the restaurant based on the quality of the food AND the experience of being in that restaurant. That’s why restaurateurs (that’s a word, no “N”) spend big bucks […]

Getting Tough with Metal Executives

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with a great company that I’ve done some photography for before, AM Castle & Co., an international metals company based in Oak Brook, IL. They brought me on about a year and a half ago to take some really fun environmental photos in their warehouse and factory (I […]

Set the scene for your work with a portrait composite


Call it an environmental portrait without the environment. Sometimes you have to go a step further than time and space allows, by substituting the background with something more suitable for the purpose of the photograph. The dramatic portrait composite is an example of communicating  a story through a photograph, which is the essence of editorial […]

On location photography in the corporate office AND the factory

corporate photography

When your corporation is so large that it has a “Careers” tab on your website, you can be pretty sure that you are doing something right.  A.M.Castle & Co.  in Oak Brook, IL, is that sort of company–international, expanding, “growing to serve the more complex requirements of [their] customers” –and one I had the pleasure […]