Personal Branding in the Studio – Creating the Environment

When an interior designer came to my studio needing images for her website, I knew that for her, the images should have a more environmental look to them.

It would have been fine to use a plain white background, or a medium gray background, which are two of my favorites, due to their versatility on websites and for social media.

But since I can create a natural light look, with some interior design elements to punch up the background, we decided to give it a try.

It was a great call! I used a huge scrim, which I lit with a strobe, and added another light coming from her right to make her seem as if she was lit from a big window. Then I lit the background, shooting the strobe through some big leaded windows in some doors a friend found by a roadside and I repurposed for just this setting! the light coming in from camera right, through the windows, created a nice pattern on the opposing wall.



The most important thing, of course, was this client loved the look. She would look beautiful anywhere, but this setting certainly suits her in her career as an interior designer. This is Kristin, by the way, of McClure Interiors. Jennifer McClure does gorgeous work and I highly recommend them! When you click on her website, the first picture you see, with the cat on the sofa, is one I did for her in one of her absolutely beautifully designed homes.

Contact me to create some personal, effective images for your business!

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