Marketplace Chaplains need a great look for the great work they do!

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Recently I was asked to photograph the Northern Illinois contingent of Marketplace Chaplains, a faith-based group of men and women trained to provide pastoral care to people who work in businesses, as an addition source of support to traditional Human Resource duties. This is what a Marketplace Chaplain does, according to their website:

Our professional chaplains are called to be workplace caregivers. They are dedicated to supporting the emotional wellness of employees. They have a heart for employees and understand the workplace as they have been there themselves dealing with stress, co-worker and supervisor conflicts, long hours and work dissatisfaction. Our Chaplain Care Teams are fully-trained, managed, held accountable and supported by full-time Leaders.

Our chaplains only perform front-line chaplain work. They are not required to do administrative duties, filling out paperwork, finding new chaplains or asked to help market the service to new companies—they are focused and dedicated to take care of your employees, 24/7!

Our chaplain care utilizes a team approach. Your team of chaplains will consist of male, female and ethnically-diverse chaplains who are either full-time or assignment-based dependent on company locations and number of employees to be served.

Chris McArthur, a long-time client of mine, and the Executive Director of Operations in Metro Chicago and Northern Illinois contacted me about creating an appealing an unified look to the group of chaplains he oversees.

He saw the crazy mish-mash (an apt technical term in my opionion!) of headshots of his team, consisting of all the individual headshots each chaplain had submitted of themselves, taken in front of a computer, as a selfie, with poor lighting, weird expressions, etc. (Does YOUR headshot suffer from these problems too? )

I met up with the team in Naperville, IL, when they were gathered for a training meeting. The goal was to make everyone look good. We did that and lo, and behold, CORPORATE Marketplace Chaplains noticed.

Here is what Chris wrote to me:

So cool… Our national website contains BIOs on only 10 or 12 chaplains. FOUR of them are our Northern Illinois chaplains! — all with your headshots ! Our Marketing Dept loved your [pictures].

Chris W. McArthur

Here are the four that were included, and a little about each one. Congrats, Chaps!

Each of these chaplains look like they really are. Approachable, professional, easy to talk to. What does YOUR headshot say about YOU? Don’t wait to get one of you that you love, and that works for you. Contact me today to schedule your appointment.

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