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Preparing for your headshot session!

Preparing for your Headshot Session CAN be enjoyable and successful! Here are some preliminary steps to take:

  • Let’s talk about what you are looking for, how you want to use your images, what the possibilities are.
  • When preparing for your headshot session, as far as clothing is concerned, wear what you look good in and generally keep it simple.  Bring several outfits so I can help you choose.  Stay away from graphic t-shirts. GENERALLY, stay away from pure white to pure black. Mid-tones photograph well. Avoid turtlenecks. An open neck top is best for women.
  • Don’t panic about blemishes, real or percieved. If you have specific retouching concerns, let’s talk about it. Minor blemishes are really easy to retouch, and I don’t want you to be distracted by anything you feel is a flaw.
  • I highly recommend having a hair and makeup artist. I have one I can bring in for you and she knows just how to use the right kind of makeup to accentuate your features, and she’s on hand for slight changes to your look mid-way.
  • The night before the shoot, get some rest. Be hydrated. You will feel better and more relaxed and hang in there with me till we are done.
  • I really want to help you in any way to relax and have fun with this, whether you are getting your headshot done for the first time or you are building a collection of personal branding images. Poses and looks are part planned, part “let’s try it!” Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Headshot on white background - Karen Forsythe Photography

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