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Making A Moment Even Better Than It Was

I love the art and technology of photography.  I’ve done some work in the film darkroom, just as digital was outpacing film.  A teacher of mine who has been shooting for decades always told me that he loved the quiet of the darkroom, the sounds of the water, the darkness.  And I must say I really got into it too.

But then I found digital, like everyone else.  So now I not only have the control over every technical aspect of the camera, but also an eye for composition, and an imagination for an end product.  I love using the images I make as ingredients in a larger recipe.  It takes a lot of time, because not one image is created from an action.  It’s step by step, trial and error.  It’s my art!

I had the chance to do some work with talented athletes last week,  in the studio.  The intent was to create some images similar to one of my favorite “famous” photographers, Joel Grimes.  He is known for a certain lighting style and compositing technique which I’ve messed around with before and looked forward to do again.

Since I’m such a fan of before/afters, I will share them with you!  Here are the 3 of the shoot I decided to complete:

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