Actor's Headshots by Karen Forsythe

Designing the Look of YOUR Headshot

Mix color, background, lighting, expression, clothing, makeup and hair in a multitude of ways

Whether your look is clean and polished, fun and relaxed, thoughtful or down-to-earth, your image is enhanced by the design.  Whether we make your headshot indoors or outdoors, the background won’t dominate your face and expression.  Simple, blurred backgrounds, great lighting, engaged expression, clothes and makeup that doesn’t distract..they all work together to show YOU off.  Colors, whether neutral or not, add to the mix!

My favorite looks are on a clean white background, but lately I’ve been experimenting with lighting that mimics daylight coming through a window:  big, soft, beautiful.  It’s fantastic to get this regardless of the time of day or weather!  What’s your style?

Begin with the end in mind.

Always go back to your purpose.  Traditional headshots for business require traditional clothing and makeup/hair, not too flashy, but polished and sophisticated.  I get a lot of people changing careers, from a corporate environment to a non-profit environment, which may allow for a little more self-expression, and a relaxed look.  Actors have a style unto themselves:  not too smiley unless for a commercial purpose, deep connection with the viewer, soulful perhaps.  Actors have such a range of expression, and generally need several images to cover the types of roles they may audition for.

Lighting is generally soft, avoiding harsh shadows, but really adding spark in the eyes.  The overall tone can be light to dark however.

Pose and expression–that’s ALL YOU!  But I help you get there!



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