What I do

What I do is make great photographs of people, in all sorts of ways. Whether someone needs a simple headshot or a spectacular photograph of them doing what they do best, I consider every single project a unique challenge. In every situation, though, I want to deliver to you what you need and love.

Headshot outdoors for acting or personal branding



Are you an actor?  Then your headshot will be close up, mid-chest and above. It’s meant to sell YOU. The focus is on YOU, not your clothing, a style, a background or any accessories. There’s limited retouch and it should reflect what you look like in real life. No modeling, no hands, not hats, no sunglasses. Just a shot that captures the essence of and personality of….YOU as an actor…..looking directly at the camera.


Are you a business person or professional or entrepreneur? You may need a traditional headshot, vertically oriented with a simple background, OR you may need something non-traditional.  You in your office, in an interesting part of your building, outside your building?  Still, your photograph should be about YOU, not the place.


Do you need Personal Branding? Personal branding is THE cutting edge way to show yourself to your audience, whether they are customers or clients, or anyone you want to reach. This style of imagery is a hybrid of commercial, editorial photography, and lifestyle photography (relaxed, active, and often on location), along with environmental portraits. Personal branding sells YOU, your product or service, your attitude and style, your philosophy of life. Personal Branding images showcase what you sell, or what you do for others.

Personal branding is perfect for writers, musicians, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and anyone whose business is creative or people-oriented.


Do you have a group of people who each need a headshot? or maybe more than that? Businesses need headshots of the people who make the business, but often need more than headshots for its website.  You might need images of your workplace, your staff working together in the workplace, your staff working with customers, and so on.  Show people what they can expect working with the people who make up your business.


If you have a team, like this board of directors, make sure their images have a consistency that doesn’t draw the viewer to any one that stands out, or looks like it doesn’t fit in with the others. “About us” or “Meet the directors” can have a traditional look like these, or non-traditional. They just have to look intentional.

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