more than a meal

More than a meal

Branding your business with photography

Nowadays, when we go out for a burger, or pizza, or spaghetti, or anything our heart desires to eat or drink, we choose the restaurant based on the quality of the food AND the experience of being in that restaurant. That’s why restaurateurs (that’s a word, no “N”) spend big bucks on design and aesthetics, chairs and fabrics, floors and walls.

When I go to a new restaurant, I always look for pictures of the place and food before I commit to spending money and time there. Is that just me? Unfortunately, TripAdvisor and other travel sites not only depend on travelers’ own pictures, but encourage them, and like so many photos on the web, a lot of them are terrible.

Restaurants need good pictures of their food, their people working, the feeling one would have eating there. If you know someone who owns a restaurant, and they just aren’t feeling the love because they aren’t maximizing their websites with good photography, send them this post! I would be happy to talk with them.

Wouldn’t you like to try the restaurant above? Even if their pizza is so-so (it wasn’t though) the place is clean, staff friendly, and food enjoyed. All from one photo.

Maybe your business or workplace could be a branding element in your marketing! Contact me to talk about it.

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