Headshots as Wall Art

Creating Wall Art with Corporate Photography

Personal and unique photography might just be what your business is waiting for!  Corporate photography can capture the essence of your business, and provide a subject that is not only helpful for marketing, but just might be wall-worthy!

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of doing with one of our community’s favorite orthodontists, Lisa Grant DDS.  Dr. Grant contacted me initially with the idea of creating a gallery wall in her brand spanking new office on Harwood Avenue.  After our meeting I put together a plan to photograph a number of her clients (post-orthodontia) and then create a beautiful, colorful collage on a wall in her modern office. She chose the patients, who then contacted me for the photoshoot at my home studio.  The results were fabulous, as we not only got all the imagery she needed for a grand collage, but also for some really up to date marketing materials.  And, on top of all that, Dr. Grant’s patients had a great time doing this.

A wall of happy clients, showing their amazing new smiles would be fantastic in any dental office..especially one in which many of the community use. Seeing neighbors and friends on the wall, looking so good, is a strong testimonial to your business without saying a word.

lisa grant wall
Dr. Grant’s finished “wall of fame”


Do you have a business that could use some branding with images of your work? Wall-worthy headshots? Let’s talk!

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