My 3 great finds at the Homewood Farmer’s Market

Can I get a YAY for the opening of farmer’s market season?  I just love them, and my town has been working to expand the offerings there to include things like flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, kettle corn, cheeses, and more, in addition to farm-grown fruit and veggies, and plants.  Today I met my friend Debbie at Homewood’s opening day and we checked the market out.  I like walking around with Debbie because she is an amazing cook, and uses ingredients that I haven’t even tried.

Which brings me to my #1 find:  Morels.

My daughter had just told me that she finds morels near her home in Michigan, and I nearly broke out in a sweat thinking of her picking wild mushrooms.  But today, we found morels for sale, and I was reassured that it’s hard to make a mistake in identifying morels.  They look like sponges, or walnuts, on a thick stem.  Debbie said she loves morels and quickly rattled off her recipe. Know that these are not cheap eats, though!  Take a look at the price:

Morel mushrooms


Debbie’s recipe is easy, and you’ll soon appreciate why morels are considered delicacies!  By the way, this is what they look like growing in the wild.  According to my daughter, there are “imposter” morels, so you do have to be careful, but even the imposters will at worst give you a stomach ache.  So do your homework!

My #2 great find was this vendor, Scott Mehaffey.  He has some neat bonsai plants and other unusual potted plants that I would have snatched up (and plan to get next time) if I’d brought more than my debit card.  I’m terrible about not carrying cash.  But he is a nice guy and works locally as a landscape architect.  You should check him out. His booth is Great Pot! Planters, and he will be there 5/30, 6/13, and 6/20.  I want to get one of his planters for one of my favorite gardeners….my dad.  Shhh!

My #3 and last great find was a perennial I have planted in my own garden.  It’s an old-fashioned fregetable (fruit/vegetable) that I love to bake with:  rhubarb.  My rhubarb was green and thin, and when I saw this rhubarb I asked the gardener who was selling it and she said it was Canadian Red Rhubarb.  It was just gorgeous.  She didn’t want to be in my photo, so I took a photo of the rhubarb alone.  I can’t wait to try my rhubarb coffeecake with it!  I think the vendor was Bloomberg Garden.  Check it out this summer.

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