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Musing about the garden and photography

I’ve been chafing at the bit to get into my yard.  We moved into our house almost two years ago, and the back yard was just an empty wasteland. Literally, in some ways; because as we’ve learned, at one time our town’s early inhabitants did use it, and I suppose adjacent properties, to toss building materials and garbage.  We haven’t found anything amazing, but keep digging out lots of rock, concrete chunks, some pottery-like pieces and occasional scrap metal.

Gardening has been a bit of a challenge, because we’ve had to do some problem-solving along with our landscape plans.  Organizing the space to do all it’s supposed to do for us– grow vegetables, look pretty, allow space for our dog to play fetch, give us a place to eat and relax–is a creative challenge.  Because we were uncertain about the quality of the soil, for example, we built raised beds for the vegetables we wanted to grow.  Then the bunnies found our “offerings” and devoured them.  We quickly put up a rabbit fence.  Yesterday I planted some blackberry shoots my brother gave me.  I could see the bunnies, outside of my fence, planning their entry into my garden space….Now I’m redoubling my rabbit-proofing.  One thing leads to another.

greening up

It’s occurred to me that gardening and photography are quite similar in that they both let me create something beautiful and they both involve problem-solving!  I love this.  We have something we want to do that will make us happy, bring pleasure to others, like create a beautiful garden, or a beautiful portrait. But like gardening,  there are problems to be solved for our photographs:  not everyone we need photographed is present at the same time, we think we look awful in pictures, we don’t know to use the photography well, we’re worried about the expense.  These perceived problems hold us back, but they don’t need to.  They may be real problems, like the junk I have to dig out of my yard before I plant anything, or they may be things that I’ve already solved!  Either way, I can help you.

The solution is to take one step at a time.  Start by contacting me and just talking about your ideas.  We need to begin with the end in mind, and take it step by step together.  You can reach me this way:

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