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Off the beaten path

I spent a week in Michigan, and even with cool weather, just never can get enough of the wind and waves.  And sunsets.  This image is from one of our sunset-runs.  I wanted to make a sunset photo that was different from what you see everywhere else, by practically eliminating the sky and putting the bit of sun nearly out of frame.

A sunset is something that’s ALWAYS photographed, and it’s frankly challenging to make one that’s not like one you’ve seen before.  It’s the iconic vacation photo, usually with the sun small and centered in the frame.  But does it have to be?

Off the beaten path


Photos of you for your business don’t HAVE to have you in front of a backdrop in a 2 piece suit, looking friendly but not quite how others will see you when they meet you.  If you are an influencer of sorts, such as a writer, blogger, seller-of-some-special-service, creative, or small business owner, you can show something more of  yourself to potential clients than that you have a really nice 2 piece suit from Talbots or Jos A Banks.  Be who you are, and make something more than JUST a headshot.

Headshots in the studio are great though! Below is a headshot I made of one of the stylists at Jonathan Kane Salon in Homewood. I photographed all of the stylists in the studio, but none of them are stiff. Who wants a stylist like that? or a banker, for that matter? I always tell people that the ideal headshot is professional (for the business you are in) AND friendly. Approachable.  Even in the studio, this is definitely more than just a headshot.

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