Tips For a Great Headshot. Part 2

A couple of days ago, we covered the first 5 Tips for a great headshot, which focused on clothing, even though you see just a little of it in a headshot.  Today we continue.

6.  Iron your clothes!  Wrinkles are visible and do matter.  They say something about you that you’d prefer people didn’t know.

7.  Hair and Makeup.  Don’t do it yourself.  Let someone who knows how to use makeup for photography, who can contour, and enhance your best features just do it for you.  It takes so much pressure off.  Ditto on the hair.  If you are really fussy about your hair, and no one can do it the way you like, then at least get your makeup done.

8.  Think about the outcome, and the feel you want your photograph to have.  Light and airy?  Edgy? Dark and dramatic? Black and white?   Who is your audience, and what feeling do you want to convey?  Give some thought to this, too.

9. Practice the squinch.  Renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley describes it here. Practice YOUR squinch before you come for your headshot! It’s that little extra look in your eye that helps you look confident and can really help your headshot POP!

10.  Talk about your concerns.  If you have some feature, or fear, that you think might compromise the photographs you have made, please talk to your photographer.  Even after you see the proofs, if there is something (like a blemish) that needs to be retouched, please say something!  I’m of the mind that if the feature is permanently in place on you, keep it.  If you don’t like it, we can diminish it, but never get rid of it entirely (like a mole).  Speak up!  Once you have your files printed or published, it’s too late.

11.  Show your sense of humor.  This is very important.  Prepare to have fun!  Think of things ahead of time that make you smile.  Be ready, relaxed, and realize it’s actually  fun to have a headshot photoshoot.  Your photographer will help you with this.  Enjoy the experience!

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