Tis the season to thank your clients! Custom Business Staff Photos in Chicagoland

I’ve been photographing my dentist, Nick Videka, and his staff for years, and we’ve made lots of holiday greeting cards (above) together, which have wowed his patients when they get them.  Some patients keep them for the whole year, because they consider Videka Dental not just their dentist but, well, friends!

Well now, here is another version of the same idea, but for one of my favorite ministries, Bethany Christian Services in Palos Heights, IL.  The social workers and support staff recently met together for a training/working lunch, but before they went to the restaurant, they arrived at my home studio in order to have a photograph made for their corporate office to use in a Christmas greeting card.  What a great idea!  Actual shooting time was 15 minutes, because I had prepared everything ahead of time and I knew they had limited time for this prior to their meeting.

bethany christian services

Do you have clients or patients who consider YOU as a friend, or partner? Would you like that? A great way to do that is to send a PERSONALIZED card, with a PERSONALIZED greeting, to thank people for their business.

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