Headshots bring you out from behind your computer, and down the wedding aisle

One aspect I truly enjoy in my work is creating beautiful images of people that they love.  Cindy is one such person.  She called me in September, a writer needing a professional portrait for her (then) website called the Wicked Pen.  We finally met in October, when she came to my home studio.  It can be a little stressful to come for a photography session;  it’s not something one does every day, and it can make one feel vulnerable, with a mixture of high expectation and doubt of success.

Cindy wanted a portrait that was showed who she was.   When I met her, I saw a beautiful, thoughtful, relaxed  woman with stories to tell and share with others.  If you are a writer, blogger, or do business in other ways behind a computer screen, showing yourself to your audience personalizes your work beyond the words you write.  See for yourself.

Oh, and one other perk to a great headshot:  Cindy’s images “introduced” herself to a man who was so drawn to her beautiful look that since this article originally posted, they were married.

cindy 2

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