greening up

Greening Up!

Today I thought I would feature a couple of images that made me happy….because not only do we begin Daylight Savings Time here in Chicagoland, but there is actually signs of spring!  This image is posted as one of the images I’ve added to my One-a-day challenge, which hasn’t quite lived up to it’s name.  I’ve missed several days, and recently a whole week, because I’ve had so much other photographs to finish for real clients.  That’s a good thing.  But I am enjoying going about my day, thinking about what I see from an artistic point of view.  It’s made even my walks with my dog a little more interesting…if only from the standpoint of trying to photograph something while being pulled by a canine who loves to sniff patches of ground thoroughly, pulling me along on the other end of her leash.

So in honor of Daylight Savings Time, here is today’s addition to the not-so-One-a-day set of images:

greening up

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