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Hunger Games Fever: Studio Photography

It’s a race around my house regarding The Hunger Games, the first story in the series written by Suzanne Collins which will be shown as a movie opening on March 23rd.  Most everyone here is reading one of the books, or has read the books, and are talking about them.  I have to leave the room when they are talking about them, because my pace is slower (I do have other things to do!), and I don’t want to hear any spoilers.

I decided to use the Hunger Games posters, which are featured all over the internet, as my photographic inspiration.  So one night, I photographed 4 of the kids around here (3 of them my own) in the style of the posters.  Caroline had her friend Kate from college over for a couple of nights, and all the girls were willing to participate.  Just so you know, I did borrow the logo from some site, but I am not profiting in any way from this.  It was just for fun.  I also opted to use them for my one-a-day project.  Taking one photo a day is proving to be a challenge, and this gave me a chance to combine two of my photo ideas into one.

You can see the movie posters online anywhere, but these were my version of them, with my kids.

The direction each girl was facing was based entirely on the side of her head she parts her hair.  Trying to copy Katniss’s look as much as possible.  Hope you enjoy, and go see the show!

the hunger games January-12-Hunger-Games-4-2

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