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Creative Interpretation – A Photographer’s Dream

I took this picture when my family visited Williamsburg last year…I love Williamsburg because of the way the interpreters dress the part of the early colonists, and act the part no matter what you do to try to get them to interact with you otherwise!  I photographed them all.  A few years ago, the actors/interpreters would act surprised by the camera, which hadn’t been around in the 1700s.  They would sometimes make a big deal about it, but nowadays they are so used to being photographed that it’s really fun, and pretty easy to get great shots where they aren’t super posed, but looking like you really did photograph them way back in the time of Paul Revere.

I had this photo in particular, and although I really liked the woman, and the way she looked straight at me, the man pretended I wasn’t there.

creative interpretation 2

I wanted to use the photograph to make something even more exciting than what I saw, and carry out the feeling of times gone by.  So I used a few other images from other projects, and this one, to create a composite I really liked.  Most of the images I used (4 in all) were from this trip.  But one I pulled from my catalog of images I made several years ago, when I visited my daughter in Scotland.  It just seemed to blend in so well.  The writing you see was actually from a gravestone, and as I think of it, I’m not sure it was from Williamsburg or not, but definitely fits the historical theme!~

Here is my finished product.  I am going to mat and frame it for my home, as a great reminder of the trip, and for custom artwork on my wall!


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