headshots for social services

Headshots for Social Services

Nowadays, with the economy such that it is, life is hard for many people…and social service agencies like Bethany Christian Services are working hard to meet the needs of young women in crisis pregnancies, families (Bethany has an incredible Safe Families program!), and children.  Bethany is a leader in international adoption, and a prototype for other international adoption agencies.

Since Bethany Christian Services, and other social services agencies, depend on developing trusting relationships with their potential clients, what a better place to start building that relationship than through their photographs on their website!

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time at Bethany, photographing the staff of their Palos Heights’ office.  Their space is in an older building, and since they’ve recently done some remodeling (with the help of yours truly), I wanted to use the green wall in the reception area of the office as a background for their photos.  The green color is close to the green Bethany uses in their logo, and I thought it would be great in their website, where they intend to use the photographs primarily.  I brought in a large softbox and 1 studio flash, wanting a soft look to the light that is flattering to women.

Their headshots are just an introduction to this great team.  After meeting these women, and hearing what they do,  I am convinced of the quality of their services, as well as the commitment and integrity of each person in this agency.  You have to check out Bethany Christian Services, and see if you can help them help others!

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