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Compelling professional headshots for your Chicago, IL area business. Make a statement without using words.

Karen Forsythe Photography

What I do is make great headshots of people, for all the many ways they need them. Whether someone needs a simple headshot or a spectacular photograph of them doing what they do best, I consider every single project a unique challenge. In every situation, though, I want to deliver to you what you need and love.

Business Headshots _ Karen Forsythe Photography

Business Headshots

Are you a business person or professional or entrepreneur? You may need a traditional headshot, vertically oriented with a simple background, OR you may need something non-traditional. You in your office, in an interesting part of your building, outside your building? Still, corporate headshots should be about YOU, not the place.

Personal Headshots_Karen Forsythe Photography

Personal Headshots

Do you need Personal Branding? Personal branding is THE cutting edge way to show yourself to your audience, whether they are customers or clients, or anyone you want to reach. This style of imagery is a hybrid of commercial, editorial photography, and lifestyle photography (relaxed, active, and often on location), along with environmental portraits.

Actor's Headshots by Karen Forsythe

Actor Headshots

Are you an actor? Then your professional headshot will be close up, mid-chest and above. It’s meant to sell YOU. The focus is on YOU, not your clothing, a style, a background or any accessories. Actor headshots require limited retouch and it should reflect what you look like in real life. No modeling, no hands, not hats, no sunglasses. Just a shot that captures the essence of and personality of….YOU as an actor…..looking directly at the camera.

Have You Found The Right Chicago Headshot Photographer For You?
You already know that what you need is not just a headshot…
In fact, it goes much deeper than a simple portrait — Your professional headshot is a critical element of your personal branding and online presence.

Your desire to look your absolute best and portray the right image of who you are and what you stand for, while making an instant indelible impact on others is part of what makes the search for headshot photographers more challenging.

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Meet Karen Forsythe

I’m Karen at Karen Forsythe Photography, and I specialize in creative headshots and personal branding photography in the Chicago, IL area. My focus is on creating beautiful and wow-worthy images for actors and people in business.

Don’t settle for just a headshot…

Call me today at 708-751-0009 for a friendly chat to find out how we can make you look your best and work together to create the perfect headshot for you.

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One of the greatest pleasures that I have as a headshot photographer in Chicago, IL is surprising people with how good they really look.

Even though we are all getting out after months of isolation due to the pandemic, we still may find that a lot of people will continue to work online, and perhaps limit their in-person meetings.

Phone and Zoom conversations are great, but your professional headshot is a lasting memory of who you are to whoever you need to talk with.


 Your best headshot will take you a long way. Make it a good one.

What People Say

Thank you for taking our company photo..(t)he shot is creative and a clever blend of church work with our team informally scattered throughout the sanctuary, love it! All of the corporate headshots turned out beatifully. Your work adds professionalism to Aspen's website! Thank you for all you've contributed to our company. You do great work!

marian liautard
Marian Liautard
Aspen Group
Karen's professionalism and her impeccable attention to detail to work towards the'right shot', is amazing. Her knowledge and talent, put into action, is really something to experience. I can't say enough about Karen's commitment to her profession; she is passionate about 'getting it right'. Thank you !
rick pagano
Rick Pagano
Wojan Window & Door Corp

We used Forsythe Photo for our staff headshots and we’re thrilled with her work! Karen was able to capture each person’s personality, while giving us a style suitable to and consistent with our brand. The quality of her photography is outstanding and she’s very pleasant to work with prior to and during the photoshoots! We LOVE the business headshots. We have gotten so many great comments (internally and externally) about them. They’ve definitely upped the classiness of our website!

mary bellus
Aspen Group

Have A Question?

Looking for a first-time, or updated headshot? Do you need one, or more Chicago headshots? Whether you are just getting started, and need something for LinkedIn or other social media, or you are an actor and need 5-6 headshots for various roles for which you want to be cast, we can work together to get what you need. In every situation, we work together on your project, from planning the look you want, to nailing the expression.

A great headshot is critical to make that all-important first impression count and create the best possible impact.

To make that happen, I retouch all final images, to the degree you need and want. Retouching means helping you look well-rested and YOU. The extent of retouching wholly depends on the purpose of the headshot, and your taste. Obviously, if you have your photographer remove all lines, skin texture, and take 20 years off of you, not only will your headshot look plastic and fake, but when people meet you they will NOT recognize you. No matter how awesome you looked when you were 20, that look is not naturally maintainable, and you are better served looking like the best YOU, NOW, that you can be. Still, there is a lot I can do to help. Good hair and makeup, well-fitting clothes, showing confidence and warmth in your expression and body language, great lighting to “fill-in” lines and wrinkles are all ways I can help. I want your eyes to sparkle and your personality to shine. There are many ways to create a great headshot, and I’m here to help!

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